Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Thai prawn balls- revisited

I made Thai prawn balls again yesterday! They, as last time, turned out delicious! I really didn't feel like making them last night, it was late and I had just returned from volleyball practice. But I had already defrosted the prawns so had to make them or else I'd end up throwing the prawns in the trash. After a quick stop at the supermarket on my way home from practice I picked up all the ingredients I knew I didn't have at home; lime, spring onions and eggs. Once home I realized I didn't have soy sauce either, but I simply substituted the soy sauce for 1 tsp Thai fish sauce. Like last time I served the "balls" with rice and a sweet chili sauce. I also added a couple of florets of broccoli to add some greens to the plate. YUM!


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