Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My "garden"- revisited

My garden has morphed into... a garden. Might sound a bit strange, but with the poor excuse of a garden I had to work with, I must say I am happy with how it turned out. Now I just wish I had some grass to relax on in the sunshine. I only have the cement patio, which my landlord tells me will be paved sometime soon..., and some ugly plastic garden furniture that came with the apartment.

The garden part is great though, I love my pots filled with herbs and veggies. Maybe I should stop calling it a garden, when all it really is is a herb garden?

Check out the photo. I have arugula, flat leaf parsley, basil, radishes, coriander (planted the roots that came with the coriander twigs I bought at my local Asian shop), sugar snaps, spring onion, and wild strawberries (I found the w.s plants wild in the forest on Saturday).

I do not just grow things in my herb garden, I also grow things on my kitchen counter. And no, it's not mould, but garden cress. It so easy, and so very tasty. I also tried growing bean sprouts, or actually I tried growing lentil sprouts, and it worked out well, however it wasn't what I was aiming for, I was aiming for bean sprouts... Does anyone know which beans are used for bean sprouts? The garden cress on the other hand is all I I could ever ask her. I sat in the sun the other day, on my ugly patio, and had a snack made from crisp bread and garden cress, read a book, and enjoyed the sunshine.

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Hanna said...

Your ex-veggie friend comming to the rescue! Bean sprouts (om du menar böngrodar?) are from "mungbönor", whatever that is in english...