Monday, 27 April 2009

Sushi anyone?

I have a question to all you foodies out there: does anyone know of a good recipe for sushi? I must admit I do not know very much about sushi, other than it is actually kind of tasty. Up until about two weeks ago I had my obvious doubts, having only ever tried the kind you buy pre-packed at Marks & Spencers. No, that was a lie. I had sushi and tempura at a Japanese restaurant in the outskirts of Indianapolis, IN in 2008, but can't really remember if I like it or not. Can't imagined it made a very good impression on me, seeing as I can't remember it very well. However, what changed my mind mind about sushi was the sushi-place at the Nils Ericsson terminal in downtown Gothenburg, Sweden. I only tried one piece, but it was a scrumptious piece of salmon and rice. I have been craving sushi ever since, real sushi with wasabi and pickled ginger.


Hanna said...

Haha... Im still waiting for my Japanese friend to invite me for sushi-cooking. But when she eventually does, I'll give you the recepie!

Susanne said...

My mum makes sushi sometimes. Though, I'm sure, not the way you're supposed to make it, but it turn out perfectly acceptable. She just googled sushi and found a webpage where the process is described. I'm sure there are beyond tons! It's a rather... complicated procedure, but only if you want to make it in the traditional way. You can cheat if you want :).

Angelica said...

Can't wait Hanna! In the meantime I'll try some of the recipes from

I remember Vivienne's reaction to Josefin's sushi all too well Susanne to attempt to make my own without the proper process :)