Thursday, 4 June 2009

Garden visit # 3

Sugar snap plant.

Wild strawberries. I picked these plants in the forest the other week. Some seem to be coping really well with being relocated, while some are taking it rather badly, and I am afraid to admit it, but I don't think all of them will survive.

Radishes, soon ready to be enjoyed in salads and as a snack. Can't wait!

Flat leaf parsley, looking good!


Kerstin said...

What a pretty garden! We have a little balcony where we grow some herbs, but I can't wait to have an acutal yard!

Angelica said...

Thanks Kerstin. Actully, I don't have a garden either, I just like to call it one. In fact, it's a cement paved patio where I keep my plants in pots and window boxes. Check out earlier garden posts for a bettetr look at my so-called garden. What herbs do you grow on your balcony?

Melleros said...

Fin liten trädgård du har! :)