Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The World On Our Plates

Me and my friend Josefin are launching a new blog. The blog's called "The World On Our Plates". To explain the concept of the blog to you, I have to explain the entire story, so here it goes...

Me, Josefin and Susanne (the girl I went to Copenhagen with, and the girl who has designed the awesome logo for out new website) met up one Wednesday at Susanne's apartment for some food and boardgames, and we got to talking about one thing or the other which led Josefin into mentioning a film she had recently seen: Julie&Julia. She said that after watching the film she was inspired and wanted to do something similar, but instead of cooking from a Julia Child's cookbook (which has obviously been done before) she wanted to cook food from around the world. As an eager foodie I couldn't resist to invite myself along on her project and that's how "The World On Our Plates" came about. We decided we wanted to cook ourselves around the world and came up with the idea of cooking one dish per week each, from one country each, for an entire year.

104 countries in 52 weeks.

I don't think it's overly ambitious, but I might have chosen some rather difficult countries, such as Kiribati, The Solomon Islands and Micronesia. But I'm sure I'll find recipes, eventually.

My first country is Israel; I made bagels, and Josefin's first country is Paraguay.

So, please do come check us out at "The World On Our Plates"


Kelly Ann said...

So what happened ? Sounds like a great idea ? I think I might want to try something like that. Please give an update

Angelica said...

Hi Kelly Ann, love your name by the way! Yeah, so what happened to the world on our plates? We started up and started out real strong, but as the weeks went by we both missed a week of cooking. I am now two weeks behind, Indian recipe along with this week's recipe for Swiss food will be posted this week. Josefin's got stuff to do at uni, so I am not sure when she'll be back, but I'm hoping soon. So, do come check us out at http://theworldonourplates.blogspot.com/