Friday, 7 August 2009

Homemade pasta

Got a gift card from Clas Ohlson for my 25th birthday the other week. (Yes, I am now a quarter of a century old... yikes!) With the gift card in my hand, I headed in to Clas Ohlson, and came out one Mercato Atlas pasta machine richer!

This is how you make homemade pasta:

100 g plain flour per person

1 egg per person

Combine in a food processor until the dough resembles cooked couscous. Tip out and press down on the dough, be sure to catch any straggling bits.

Place the dough in the pasta machine, roll through and fold in half on the thickest setting 4-5 times.

Now, take it down notch and roll trough. Do this again and again, taking it down a notch each time until you have the desired thickness of your pasta.

Make the pasta sheet into tagliatelle or angel hair by using the different attachments on your pasta machine. Or cut the dough with a knife, either one works!

Cook the pasta in lightly salted water for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Watch Jamie Oliver make pasta


Susanne said...

This is exactly where I got my recipe for pasta :P. I failed at it the other day though, because I used durum(?) flour instead, which is supposed to be good with pasta. It was tasty, but most of it just became a big blob... Btw, do you know if Clas has more ad-ons for the pasta mashine than those that come when you buy it?

Hanna said...

Jag vill ju oxå göra pasta när jag ser detta! Jummy!

Vad snygg sidan har blivit! Har inte varit här på ett tag men gillar den verkligen! Som ett gammalt lantkök! Underbart!

Puss o kram vännen!

Angelica said...

Tack skall du ha Hanna!

Ja, visst blir man sugen på pasta nu :) Och det gör ju heller inget att det är Jamie Oliver på videon! Hade jag kunnat... ha ha ha hur jag än skulle skriva det jag vill få fram så låter det snuskigt, så jag avstår...