Monday, 19 October 2009

This must be candy heaven

The other week I went on a "Harry-tur" to Sweden. For those of you who have never heard this expression before:

Harry-tur- Norwegians going over to Sweden to buy cheap food, alcohol and tobacco.

Going on a Harry-tur always means going to Godishuset (The candy house) where they have over 1,000 different kinds pick n' mix candy. The reason one always goes there, except the obvious, is that pick n' mix candy in Norway cost about $ 2/ 100 g, and in Sweden you get it for $ 1/ 100g. I managed to contain myself and actually only bought about 200 g of smarties to put on future cupcakes.


Melleros said...

Candyheaven? Jag hade ju dött där..haha. Eller haft 15 kilo med mig hem. :P

Elinor said...

å, kära nån - jag hade köpt med mig myyycket mer och sen mått illa. haha. bra där, angelica. vad duktig du är som lagar så god mat också - din kille måste känna sig väldigt lyckligt lottad!

Anonymous said...