Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fennel seeds?

Ever since I stumbled across this recipe for Malaysian Meat Curry Powder over at Spicie Foodie, I've been meaning to make some. I store quite a good number of spices in my cupboard but I've somehow managed to overlook fennel seeds, and even though the curry powder only calls for 1 tsp I don't want to skip it. It won't be Malaysian Meat Curry Powder without the fennel seeds.

For some reason I've managed to forget to buy the seeds when I've been at the grocery store or the grocery store's been out of fennel seeds...

Come yesterday my bf was on his way to table tennis practice when I asked him if he would be so kind as to stop by at the grocery store just next door from where he plays table tennis. He said, no problem and promised he'd look for/buy fennel seeds for me. Yay, I was so excited when he returned.

I threw myself over the shopping bag and said:
Me: where are my fennel seeds?
Bf: I couldn't find any seeds.
Me looking inside the shopping bag and pulling out a vegetable
Me: What is this??
Bf (with a smile on his face): It's fennel, the vegetable
Me: I know what it is. Why did you buy fennel?
Bf: I thought you might want to use it instead of the seeds.
Me: Come again?!
Bf: Yes, I thought maybe you didn't need the actual seeds.
Me: Huh?
Bf: To be honest I thought you were just trying to save money by buying the seeds instead of the real thing... (apparently I'm always bargain hunting)
Me (making a face): Are you kidding me? This is like buying pumpkin seeds instead of a pumpkin for Halloween...
Bf: I thought maybe you could find the seeds inside...
Bf: I thought you'd be happy....
Me: I'm not happy!
I kept sulking for quite a while, murmuring in a low voice "this is like buying pumpkin seeds instead of a pumpkin for Halloween" while preparing dinner- roast carrot soup with creme fraiche and mint.

So, here I am, stuck with this ugly looking vegetable (and no curry powder) and no idea what to use it for. I don't even like fennel in food. Maybe I should challenge him to find a fennel recipe to cook for me?!

Please comment with similar stories...


Susanne said...

Well, you know me, I'm always buying the wrong (but aaaaalmost right) thing when I'm trying to save money. Instead I end up having to buy both the wrong and the right thing, thus spending even more money... Can't come up with a single example right now though, maybe you remember one? Either way, if you can't find any constructive use out of your fennel, you can always use it to hit Öystein over the head with - it seems sturdy enough.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Angelica, I love roasting fennel in a hot oven along with some onions for a delicious side dish, it becomes nice and sweet. BTW, thank you for the info on the potatoes you left me, their on my list to make.