Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pitahaya (Dragon fruit)

Look what I found at the supermarket the other week. It's a Pitahaya, also known as a Dragon fruit.

Isn't it pretty?

Don't get your panties in a twist over the Pitahaya, though. I had no preconceived ideas about it, I had never tried it before. However, now that I think abut it, I did at one time buy a funny-looking drink at my local Asia food store when I lived in Halmstad because my Thai friend liked it. It was a Dragon fruit pop, it was not tasty at all, too sweet and yeah, not my cup of tea at all.

Anyways, I had obviously forgotten about this pop when I bought the fruit. I actually kept the fruit sitting in the fruit bowl for a few days unsure of what to do with it. Does one just cut it into wedges and eat? I didn't know, so googled it and found out that most people eat it as it is, or cut it into pieces and serve it in fruit salads.

I decided to just cut it into wedges and eat it. First bite: it was like chewing on a whole lot of NOTHING. The dragon fruit tasted of absolutely NOTHING. And all the black seeds freaked me out.

I am not buying this fruit again.

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Susanne said...

My mum bought one of these once, and I agree. It really doesn't taste much at all. But it IS pretty! :)