Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gingerbread cookies

My entries are few and far between, I have no excuse other than that I don't do all that much "inspirational" cooking these days. And when I do cook something that might be suitable for the blog I don't have a camera around.

Anyways, Christmas is around the corner and what better way to celebrate that than to bake gingerbread cookies. It's such a Swedish/Scandinavian tradition and I love it.

Growing up I can't remember my mum making her own dough, I just remember her buying the dough and then trying, and mostly failing, at keeping me from eating the dough before it was time for us to bake the cookies. I can still remember some of my more clever ways of eating the dough without her noticing. Once she bought the dough in a plastic tub/box kind of thing and I figured out that if I took the dough out of the box, and cut myself a piece of dough from the bottom, the bit that would be laying on the bottom of the box, she wouldn't notice that I had been there for a treat. That idea worked brilliantly and I don't think she ever figured that one out.

Other not so smart ideas by me involves me stealing chips/crisps from the bag. I am a real sucker for chips and especially Dill & Chive flavoured chips. Growing up my brother and I were allowed a bag of chips to share on Friday nights, as a treat. Mum always bought the bag real early in the week, which meant that knowing the bag was in the cupboard without having any of it was pure torture. I remember once I opened the bag in the bottom, took out some chips and glued it back together. Once I stapled it shut, and once I taped it, those where the less good ideas as staples or tapes along the bottom of the bag is a real give-away for suspicious activity.

Ok, let's get back on track again. Where were we? Gingerbread cookies. My bf's mother makes her dough, I have to say I prefer the bought version, maybe I wasn't too keen on the home made dough because she put pepper in her dough, I don't know. Anyways, she and I made the dough on Thursday and yesterday she invited her grand kids and me and my bf to come bake cookies. It was great fun, however the kids got fed up real quickly and left us adults with a rather large batch of dough to deal with on our own.

Excuse the quality of the photos. I didn't bring my camera so had to rely on the camera on my mobile.


Susanne said...

They're so much better when you make your own dough! (Although, pepper in gingerbread cookies? Weird...) Mine came out great this year, as usual :P. If you'd still been living here you could have tried some... I bought a bunch of fun shapes for the cookies this year too! A dog, a dinosaur, a camel, a giraffe... etc. etc.

Hanna said...

At least you wont eat as much of the dough if you put pepper in it. Maybe a good way to discipline yourself :)

Angelica said...

Susanne: I assume there were once pepper in Swedish gingerbread cookies too, seeing as they in Swedish are called Pepparkakor (Pepper cookies). Don't you think?

Hanna: Good thinking!