Monday, 23 November 2009

Wilderness flavored cottage pie

I have been away for quite some time now... I just haven't been cooking very inspirational food, and/or not had a camera around to capture my foods.

The wilderness flavored cottage pie is a dish I remember my mother cooking all through my childhood. And I loved it each time. I must admit, I don't like meats such as veal or moose quite frankly I think meats like that tastes like the forest, yuck! But thankfully this dish, even though it's called "wilderness flavored..." doesn't contain either veal nor moose. The wilderness flavor in this dish comes from juniper berries. I don't know if juniper berries are hard to come by in other parts of the world, but here in Norway they're in all the supermarkets.

Wilderness flavored cottage pie
Serves 4 people

400 g ground meat
1 tbsp butter
1 can whole button mushrooms
1 onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp flour
½ dl water
½ dl liquid from the button mushroooms
2 tbsp cremé fraiche
1 tsp juniper berries, crushed
salt & pepper

mashed potatoes

1. Heat a frying pan and melt the butter. Fry the ground meat, onions and button mushrooms until done. Sprinkle with flour and add liquids, cremé fraiche, juniper berries, and salt & pepper. Allow to cook for 5 minutes.

2. Take an oven proof dish and spoon the mashed potatoes along the sides. Put the meat in the middle.

3. Place in a 225° C hot oven and bake for 15 minutes.

Serve with black currant jelly and a light green salad.

Köttfärs med viltsmak i potatismoskrans

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